New speed cameras are aimed at your rear end — so behave or prepare for frequent and nasty wallet-shock

CAPTION: Eyes ahead, throttle open, and not a licence plate in sight. Bike riders have been able to dodge multanova cameras for years, but the game's up.

WESTERN Australia’s traffic authorities have ushered in a new era for motorcyclists — and some riders are not going to be happy.

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For years, WA bike riders have been virtually immune from prosecution via fixed-position speed cameras because the cameras only take a photograph from front-on, while our licence plates are on our rears.

But the game’s up.

Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts unveiled the new cameras a couple of weeks ago (when most of us were not paying much attention), giving police a greater capacity to detect and prosecute speeding motorcyclists.

The technology captures front and rear images of the rider and registration of the motorcycle, simultaneously providing police with better evidence to identify and prosecute riders.

Up until now, only red-light speed cameras at selected intersections and some fixed speed cameras on the freeway have had the capacity to capture the rear registration plates of speeding motorcyclists.

CAPTION: The new bike-unfriendly speed camera measures your speed from the front, then shoots you in the back. (Cowardly, huh?)

The new cameras are fitted to vehicles which can be parked on the side of a road and enable a vehicle’s speed to be read from the front, while the vehicle is photographed from behind.

Licence plates were removed from the front of motorcycles about 35 years ago, following concerns about the metal plates inflicting severe injuries to riders in the event of an accident.

Minister Roberts said speeding motorcyclists had been able to avoid detection “for too long”.

“While the majority of motorcyclists abide by the road rules, there are some who think they can thumb their noses at our speed limits.

“These new cameras will close that loophole which has allowed speeding motorcyclists to blatantly flout the law and put their lives at risk.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: There’s a spot on the WA Police website that keeps you up to date on speed camera locations. Check it out here.

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2 Comments on "New speed cameras are aimed at your rear end — so behave or prepare for frequent and nasty wallet-shock"

  1. stefano baroni | January 13, 2018 at 7:02 am | Reply

    DAMNIT!!!!!!! Now I’ll have to come up with some devious, illegal scheme to thwart the evil constabulary……OR I could ride within the limits……uhmmmm, one to ponder…… LMFAO!!!!!!

  2. So they finally reached into that vast sum of money to buy cameras that take rear photo’s. Most of us said that if they want to police the speed limit this way, they should have used two cameras. I bet there is only a few of them as they get enough money from the normal ones as it is.

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