Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra

Harley Davidson’s Electra Glide Ultra is an incredibly impressive feat of engineering. It’s kinda car, kinda horse carriage, kinda lounge, and kinda, but only kinda, motorcycle. But it’s too darned comfortable. And that’s a problem….

Ballistic battery review

WHAT kind of twit would pay $400 for a motorbike battery after being warned it came with no warranty and after having already bought one that didn’t work? Well, I guess that would be me….

Dead man solves bike riddle … again

Café LeMans limped to work this morning on one cylinder. She fired up with an even-more-lumpy-than-usual idle which told me only one cylinder was making thrust. A few small backfires and a rather cool looking…

Welcome to The Bike Shed Times

What is it?  The Bike Shed Times is Australia’s brightest on-line motorcycle magazine. We bring you a mix of content, ranging from new bikes to profile pieces on some of the people who help make…