We want your special bike – and we’ll sell it for you, for free (for a limited time only)

CAPTION: Apart from the slightly distracting chair in the background, this is a good quality pic. We can see the whole bike, it's in focus, exposure is good, and there's no weird lighting going on. And yes, this bike is for sale.

Six-week ‘Bikes For Sale’ advertisement, no charge (August/September only)

FOR A LIMITED time only, we are offering The Bike Shed Times readers free advertisements to help you sell your special bike.

But there are a few conditions:

  • You only get the free advert for six weeks
  • Your bike must be in Western Australia
  • Your bike must be ‘something special’ (as judged by us)
  • All free advert submissions must be received by 30 September, 2017

How does it work?

You submit to us by email (advertising@bikeshedtimes.com) at least one good quality photo of your bike, a description of your bike (up to 150 words), and a contact name and phone number for publication in your advertisement.

We will reply to your submission and, if we accept it, we will post your advert within 24 hours.

Advertisements will generally follow the existing format on our Bikes For Sale page. (See it here.)

What is ‘something special’?

It’s a bike that’s exotic, rare, unusual, historically significant, or simply drop-dead gorgeous. We prefer bikes that are licensed, running and in excellent condition, but we will listen to exceptions (like maybe a rusty old Vincent Black Shadow or a very early Z1 Kawasaki that’s out of rego).

What is a ‘good quality’ photo?

It’s in focus.

The entire bike is visible.

The bike is well lit (no strong back-lighting or side-lighting).

The exposure is just right (not too dark, not too light).

Phone pics are ok if they meet all these criteria. (But if your best mate is a photographer with pro-quality kit, please ask him to take the photo for you.)

Why would you bother?

Because an advertisement on The Bike Shed Times will reach a whole bunch of West Australian motorcyclists who don’t spend their spare time on Gumtree. We have more than 8,000 followers on Facebook and our website attracts around 12,000 hits a month. (Someone out there wants your bike, right?) And almost all of our traffic is from Perth.

Why are we doing it?

Because we want more readers, and we’re using your special bike to attract them. Sneaky, hey?


So hop to it. Here’s that email link again: advertising@bikeshedtimes.com




6 Comments on "We want your special bike – and we’ll sell it for you, for free (for a limited time only)"

  1. Have a 1990 Cagiva Elefant 900ie, Lucky Strike colours, done 40000km, not started for 6 years. What’s it worth to sell?

    • Peter Terlick | August 18, 2017 at 8:02 pm |

      That’s a tough one Keith! There was a ’95 model for sale in Perth last year for $8,500, but I don’t know if he sold it. It wasn’t Lucky Strike, and it was in regular use. I think your Lucky Strike colours adds value, but the six years probably takes value away. I reckon the first thing you should do is get it running.

  2. 1993 FLSTN Harley Davidson 1340 evo am original owner any idea what’s it worth?

    • Peter Terlick | August 18, 2017 at 3:34 pm |

      There are two for sale in NSW at the moment, Romelio; one (1993) that’s supposedly never been started and going for $28,000 and another (1994) with a few tasty modifications and about 28,000km on the clock with an asking price of $40,000. That makes no sense to me, so I’m not brave enough to put a price on yours! Maybe spend some time on bikesales.com to see a range of big Harleys and go from there to come up with a price.

  3. jigs bootsma | August 17, 2017 at 10:47 pm |

    75 trident, problem is i don’t know what it’s worth

    • Peter Terlick | August 18, 2017 at 4:33 am |

      There are a few Tridents for sale at the moment; two on our Bikes For Sale page and another one on bikesales.com. All look to be in really good nick and asking prices range from $11,900 to $15,000. Take a look at those and make an assessment of how yours compares. We’d love to have your bike on our site! Cheers.

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